RDW Inspection Stations

Are you looking for the nearest RDW testing station? Using google maps we have made an overview of all RDW testing stations in the Netherlands.

Import examination without appointment

You can present your imported vehicle on working days from 08.00 to 12.00 hours without an appointment at an RDW inspection station for a license plate examination. This applies to vehicles no heavier than 3500 kg. For vehicles heavier than 3500 kg, however, you must make an appointment.

Exceptions are:
Tricycles and quads, Mondays and Tuesdays only without appointment
Mopeds (by appointment only)
Vehicles from outside the EU/EFTA (e.g. America), which were put into service after December 31, 1997 and do not have a CVO (by appointment only)

A CVO is the written proof that a manufacturer can issue for a vehicle built according to a certain type approval. With a CVO you can prove that the vehicle meets the approval requirements.

RDW processes the applications in order of arrival. This arrangement is based on the principle of saving time for you. However, if it is particularly busy, the employee at the inspection station will make an appointment with you on a new date.

How do I make an appointment for an examination by telephone?

To make an inspection appointment, you can contact an employee of a RDW testing station by telephone. They can also give you information on the documents you need to bring along. The telephone number is: 0900-0739 (€ 0.10 p/m). The inspection stations are open Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 12.15 pm and from 1 pm to 4.45 pm.

In the overview below you can find all the inspection stations that exist in the Netherlands.

View RDW Inspection Stations in a larger map

RDW Inspection Station North Region

Inspection Station Almelo

Van den Broekeweg 14
7602 PH Almelo
Phone: 0900-0739

Inspection station Heerenveen

Jupiter 12
8448 CD Heerenveen
Phone: 0900-0739

Inspection Station Zwolle

Ossenkamp 2
8024 AE Zwolle
Phone: 0900-0739

Inspection Station Arnhem

Malburgseveerweg 2
6833 HK Arnhem
Phone: 0900-0739

Inspection station Groningen

Dunkirk Street 25
9723 BP Groningen
Phone: 0900-0739

RDW Region West

Inspection station Amsterdam

Tijnmuiden 1
1046 AK Amsterdam
Phone: 0900-0739

Waddinxveen Inspection Station

Coenecoop 290
2741 PL Waddinxveen
Phone: 0900-0739

Inspection station Nieuwegein

Hollandhaven 11
3433 PD Nieuwegein
Phone: 0900-0739

Inspection Station Zwijndrecht

Zoutverkopersstraat 4
3330 CC Zwijndrecht
Phone: 0900-0739

Inspection Station Schiedam

Calandstraat 97
3125 BA Schiedam
Phone: 0900-0739

RDW Inspection Station South Region

Inspection Station Den Bosch

Hedikhuizerweg 19
5222 BC 's-Hertogenbosch
Phone: 0900-0739

Inspection Station Rijen

Haansbergseweg 18
5121 LJ Rijen
Phone: 0900-0739

Inspection Station Elsloo

Businesspark Stein 160
6181 MA Elsloo
Phone: 0900-0739

Inspection Station Veldhoven

De Run 4412
5503 LR Veldhoven
Phone: 0900-0739

Inspection Station Roosendaal

Borchwerf 18
4704 RG Roosendaal
Phone: 0900-0739

Inspection Station Venlo

Stanleyweg 4
5928 LR Venlo
Phone: 0900-0739

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